Muhammad Zubair reads now at our project school

Muhammad Zubair, 12 and a student of Class 4th is also one of the children who joins his father in making bricks. Previously, he worked full time, but now he goes to work in the evening when he attends Onyx School.

According to his father Sher Zaman, he has been working here for over 30 years. He is sick now and often unable to work because of rain or weather problems.

“I want my kids to read and they don’t have to do this hard work like us, but we are forced by circumstances.” He says.

We, under our project school, arranged a campaign on Children Rights and Importance of education at their village under the slogan “Children, handle with care”. Many parents participated in the campaign. They were told about the children rights and their responsibilities as parents. The father of Muhammad Zubair was also among the participants. We convinced him and asked him to send his child to the school.

Referring to the education of his children at Onyx School, he is now satisfied that his children were studying. He is hopeful enough now for the successful future of his children.

There are many other children like Zubair!!

A number of children who are at the age of school-going but does not attend the school due to numerous reasons. We have set a target to bring 100 such children to school, but this great work would not be possible without your generous support. Sponsor a child in as low as Rs. 800 per month up to a year and give him/her a gift of education. To know more about how sponsorship works, please click here

Children available for Sponsorship

In as low as Rs. 800 per moth, you can help a child get quality education. It also includes his books and notebooks expenses throughout the year. 

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