Health is one of the factors that affect the education of the children in a family. So, People prefer the treatment of the patients in their home over the education, as health is wealth. Feeling the need and importance of good health of the members in a family and working in this field has been linked to our main goal of providing education. Only a healthy and hearty family can think about the the education of their child.So,  Prof. Yad Muhammad Memorial Trust is providing free health services and working for health care management and health promotion for needy and poor people.

We conducted a door-to-door survey in our service area. As a result We came to know that several families do not send their children to school because their budget spends on health issues. 

Our survey further shows that most of the people are addicted to some kind of drugs. As a result, spends a lot of money on purchase of drugs on monthly basis including snuff, cigarette and others. 

Disability is also a main cause and barrier in front of education. To educate the children, we must do best to remove these barriers first. 

Organization Of Free Medical Camp


Drugs Addicted

The survey shows shocking results. There are a number of people suffering from some kind of chronic diseases. Which includes, but are not limited to diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac issues, stomach problem, thalassemia and other severe diseases. 
13 percent of the people faces some kind of disability in their hands, feet and sometimes mental. Some of them cannot move and need wheel chair. More than 50 percent of the people are addicted to drugs including snuff and cigarettes. It’s our duty to help out such people in our society to reduce social crimes and show them the path of beautiful life.

Donate A Wheel Chair to Disable Man. Prof. Yad Muhammad Memorial Trust
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