an initiative for women empowerment 

With great pride and pleasure, the establishment of an vocational center is announced in our service area with the generous support of Dosti Welfare Organization, Peshawar. 
The community members has welcomed this initiative and the ladies are participating with great zeal and enthusiasm, learning sewing clothes and envision a future with hope and dignity. 
This initiative of training the poor women can help them to advance economically and become self-sustaining. 


Stories of success are emerging. The center is benefiting the underprivileged families a lot. We have more than 15 women on the waiting list due to the lack of sewing machines. 

Your generous gift to provide needy girls with a sewing machine can be life-changing. 

You can also donate scissors, cloth, thread or a solar panel.

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Sewing Machines
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Women enrolled
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Read a success story, click here.

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