Distribution of wheelchairs to the people unable to move has been a part of our health-related project. A number of people of different ages in our service area face some kind of disability. Some of them have cut fingers, some are not grown properly while others are deaf and dumb. Some of the people need wheelchairs to move. So, We have conducted a survey and have the data of all the needy people. In conclusion, by estimating results and making a list of disabled persons in our area, we distribute wheelchairs to them.

Disability in Pakistan:

 In the survey of 1998, it is estimated that out of the total population. Almost 2.78% of people are handicap or disable. Further, in 2017, the government decided to survey disabled people. As a result, the survey declares that twelve percent of the total population is facing a disability of some kind. Out of this 12 % disable people the 2% have severe kinds of disability. Some of them are unable to walk, some are unable to speak, some are blind, some are deaf and many other kinds of physical and mental disabilities are included.

So, As per these estimates, there are a huge amount of people in Pakistan that need help to survive. Because These people are unable to enjoy common life facilities, they are unable to complete education and also not getting jobs. So, they need our help to survive.

Pakistan is a developing country that is facing many problems like poverty, illiteracy also. So, It becomes very difficult for disabled people to live a normal life and earn on their own. In such circumstances, we have to help these people to fight with their weaknesses.

We prof. Yad Muhammad Memorial Trust is trying to distribute wheelchairs to some disabled persons in our area. Help us by purchasing a wheelchair for someone to earn good deeds.

Prof. Yad Muhammad Memorial Trust with the support of a Charsadda-based philanthropist, Zeeshan Ali donated wheelchairs among such differently-able people who, unfortunately, cannot move. 

These wheelchairs were distributed in Takht Bhai, Jalala, and Pirsaddo area. 

Wheelchairs Distributed


Distribution Of Wheel Chair by Prof. Yad Muhammad Memorial Trust

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