Corona Virus Updates

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Know About Corona Virus (COVID-19)

          Corona Virus (Covid-19) is an infectious disease that spread from one person to another person through RNA viruses. Since the end of last year, it almost spread in every corner of the world and causes thousands of deaths in every country. Corona Virus (COVID-19)  effects and attack the respiratory system of the human due to which a patient may experience mild to critical illness. There is no any special treatment and vaccine of COVID-19 discovered yet. Although the majority of the patients survive easily from this horrible disease without any special treatment. People with old ages are more likely to infect with coronavirus. Because they have a week immune system so this disease may be more threatening form them. Also, people with diabetes, cancer, respiratory diseases are more likely to get infected with the coronavirus.

Corona Virus cases in pakistan Updates Prof. Yad Memorial Trust

         Corona Virus patients may take up to two weeks to feel symptoms of this disease in them. The most common symptoms are headache, fever, shortness of breath, coughing, tiredness, chest pain, and loss of taste. Someone with these symptoms should visit nearly the medical clinic and have a proper check-up. People with mild symptoms may cure themselves at home by taking proper care and precautionary measures.  Social distancing is very necessary for all people to prevent themselves from the virus . Because snoozing, coughing may spread this disease massively from man to man. 

         Prof. Yad Muhammad Memorial Trust is trying its best to spread awareness in people to prevent them from coronavirus. We aware people how to stop spreading coronavirus disease by keeping in mind precautionary measures. This should be done by keeping social distancing, washing hands constantly, wearing masks in public, and staying at home. We also help poor and needy people by giving them Ration(food) to service in these vulnerable conditions. We need your support and appreciation to help needy people. Donate your funds and charity to us to help these people. Because donations make you feel calm and relax. It provides you something called inner satisfaction.