Gul Bano* is benefiting from Dosti-Onyx Vocational Center

Gul Bano* is a 38-year-old widow living with her seven children at our service area. Her husband died of hepatitis five years ago due to lack of treatment. At present, she has no means of income. One of her sons, who is about 13 years old, sometimes sells popcorn in the market to meet his household needs.

Gul Bano is very concerned about the education of her children. She wants all her children to read and write to shape their future. Her five children are currently in school. One of her children, Usman, is studying at Dosti Onyx School. Dosti Onyx School has also provided her with ration and ladies suit as Eid gift during the month of Ramadan.

When asked about the reason for enrolling in Dosti-Onyx Vocational Center, she said, “I do not miss any opportunity for a better future for my children. The establishment of the center has benefited me a lot. I have learned sewing and tailoring for my children. I will be able to earn money with dignity.” Gul Bano has also made three or four of the most beautiful suits at the handicraft center.

She currently lives in her brother’s home, but her brother is also a laborer and has children. He can’t carry the burden of Gul Bano and her children with his family.

Answering the question, where you will spend the money you earn by making clothes, she said “After meeting the basic nutritional needs of the children, I always spend on my children’s education expenses because I can only hope that my children will be successful.” My priority has always been the education of my children and you can guess it from the fact that five out of my seven children are in school.”

*Note: Name has been changed to secure the identity of the woman. 

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