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A charitable organization working in the field of education, health and entrepreneurship. Know More
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Our main focus is Education. We have established a welfare school for this purpose and educating 140+ students currently.


Health is one of the factors which stops a family to educate their children. We work in this field to help develop a healthy society.


To make a family bear the educational expenses of their children is another area where we work.

Here is who we are...

Picture of Prof. Yad Muhammad Memorial Trust and Charity Organization

Short Introduction

Prof. Yad Muhammad Memorial Trust is a charitable organization working to educate the poor and underprivileged children in The Onyx School (a project of PYMMT).

The trust is established in the memory of Yad Muhammad (Late), who had been working in the Higher Education Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as an Associate Professor for 26 years. This institution is the brainchild of his son, Muhammad Fida Hussain, the trustee and founding president. The sole purpose behind the establishment of this institution is to keep continue the stopped educational linkage of Prof. Yad Muhammad and provide the children with quality education. We aim also to help poor, handicap and orphan children by teaching them skills so that they should stand by their own.

Brief History

Firstly, The inspiration came after the premature death of Prof. Yad Muhammad in a road accident in April 2014. The foundation of a welfare school with the name of The Onyx School was laid down in April 2015 at Ittehad Colony, Jalala (Takht Bhai), a small town/colony of District Mardan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), where most of the people are poor and cannot pay the high fee.

The school has been charging a very nominal fee from the students i.e. Rs. 150-200 per month due to poverty in our area. Thirty percent of the students students have been admitted 100% free and mostly on half fee. In conclusion, after the number of students have increased, the school is donated to Prof. Yad Muhammad Memorial Trust to keep it operational smoothly. Alhamadulillah! The school is currently serving/educating 123 students and providing them with the quality education. The school helps the children in different aspects besides education. We not only teach and educate them but also developing their practical skills to face the world.

Muhammad Fida Hussain, the elder son of the Prof. Yad Muhammad

About the Founder

Muhammad Fida Hussain, the elder son of the Prof. Yad Muhammad is the driving force and motivition behind the trust. He is an ACCA Finalist, student of MPhil Political Science who currently serves in Higher Education Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

He has also been awarded as the “Integrity Idol” Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by Accountability Lab, an international organization for his honesty and deligence in a national ceremony held in Islamabad in January 2017.

The news has been covered with national and international media, including “the guardian”. 

He also holds a 06 months Diploma in “Educational Leadership and Management”.

TheGuardian NewsPaper About Muhammad Fida Hussain
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